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  • ValueCare - Future Forward

    ValueCare currently looks forward to achieving pan-national and global presence through Collaboration and Strategic Alliances:

    • Affiliation
    • Franchise
    • Intrapreneurship


    ValueCare - Role

    ValueCare will provide the operational and functional platforms, framework, co-ownership and governance, enabling Intrapreneurs to focus on their leadership roles in business and functions.

    Intrapreneur - Role

    It will encompass either one or both of the following:

    • Drive a business micro-vertical within the ValueCare framework, taking co-ownership of the Business Unit (BU) within ValueCare, and be responsive for its sustenance, growth, profitability, value and reputation.
    • Drive one or more functional areas across the different BUs and framework of ValueCare.


    Intrapreneurs would be part of a single legal organization following a single framework and code of practice


    • Please understand that this is not an employment offer and earnings will accrue and be disbursed only on revenue generation.
    • Selection would be on a case to case basis, exploring the merits of collaborative business opportunities.
    • Deep dive into the ValueCare Framework including Service Catalogue and Business Model to find the best fitment.
    • Execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to protect mutual interest and Intellectual Properties (IP).
    • On-boarding through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) defining roles & responsibilities and revenue sharing model.


    There is no fee payable to / by ValueCare for this alliance, until revenues / profits are accrued and disbursed, unless agreed otherwise.

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