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Measure and track every cent of your online marketing investment.

Search Engine Marketing involves increasing a website's visibility across major search engines and directories through a combination of search engine optimization and paid search advertising

In other words, it is about how easily your target consumers can find you when they are searching for your products and services on the Internet.

We have created three offerings from which one will be selected based on your strategy and budget.

Search Engine Marketing is a 3 steps process:

1 - Understanding

We work with you to understand your ROI metrics:

  • CPA (Cost per Acquisition)
  • CPE (Cost per Event)
  • ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)
  • Custom RACV ROI Metrics
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2 - Strategy

We then fine tune a strategy to focus on your bottom-line; factors affecting ROI include:

  • The targeted keyword
  • The actual search term used
  • The group of themed words surrounding the targeted keyword
  • The template or marketing message (title, description etc.) if paid
  • The landing page (typically this represents a product or service being promoted)
  • The originating search engine
  • The price paid for the click if paid

X2 deploys the strategy including:

  • Paid Search Advertising (SEM)
  • Organic Search (SEO)
  • Directory Submissions
  • Metrics
  • Traffic by day, week, month or designated period
  • Referring search engines and search terms for each engine
  • Destination pages and the search terms used to find that page
  • Event and ROI tracking is available when post click tracking is implemented