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  • the What, Why and How behind your Digital Marketing Approach
    Our Strategic Approaches would include:
    • Aligning databases and operating systems
    • Building customer intelligence and develop communication strategies
    • Matching needs with solutions and identifying emotional triggers that motivate response

    Guessing is no longer economically feasible… this is why you employ professionals to help you understand faster the medium and to implement for you strategies quickly and efficiently to drive your business to the next level of communication.

    Data audit - determining what customer intelligence is available and accessible within your organisation and databases, and how to leverage from it while enhancing the communication to existing clients and prospects, thus driving lead generation and sales.

    Analysis - profiling the database with common characteristics and past purchase behaviour that allows the development of customer profiles, e.g. What do they buy, when do they buy, how do they prefer to buy and what else they might buy.

    Segmentation - customers and prospects are broken into subsets based on profile information into the database with needs and preferences which will create purchase and cross-selling opportunities.

    For every product there is a client - Defining the message to reach the relevant client is based on the analysis and the data audit which allow us to create the most relevant message.

    Call to Action - a response mechanism is built into every interaction that moves the customer/prospect to an emotional reaction with a next-step action that leads to a transactional situation.

    Measurement - tracking mechanisms are implemented with metrics to determined the gain relative to the campaigns created.

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