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Cloud Computing Technology

Welcome to Intel® Cloud Builders—a cross-industry initiative aimed at making it easier to build, enhance, and operate cloud infrastructure. Intel Cloud Builders is relevant to enterprises, hosters, telcos, and service providers looking for transformational guidance that will yield more simplified, secure, and efficient cloud infrastructure.

Cloud computing is still in its early stages, with a wide variety of solutions available. As vendors strive to deliver new services and capabilities for the cloud, there is a need to balance the ease of deployment of highly integrated solutions with those that enable interoperability and flexibility to improve cost effectiveness. Without effective leadership and cooperation within the industry, cloud computing will evolve into fragmented solutions that are too expensive and too difficult to deploy and maintain. Intel is working with customers and the industry to realize the benefits of open, multi-vendor cloud solutions with capabilities that are federated, automated, and client-aware.

Intel® Cloud Builder is an industry enabling program designed to ease the design and setup of cloud infrastructure. Learn more at the Intel® Cloud Builder Website

Reference Architecture Library for Intel® Cloud Builder

Intel is working with leading cloud ISVs to deliver documented reference architectures and best known methods that provide starting points for building cloud infrastructure.

These reference architectures consist of ISV software stacks running on a test bed of Intel® Xeon processor-based servers.

  • As a technical advisor to the Open Data Center Alliance, an independent organization of leading global IT managers, Intel will align our technology with many of the usage models defined by the Alliance that address key IT challenges. Some of the usage models Intel is advising on include trusted compute pools for better security, policy-based power management for improved efficiency, and balanced compute in the cloud for more simplified cloud infrastructure. Learn more.

For guidance on building cloud infrastructures, visit our Reference Architecture Library

Intel Cloud 2015 Vision

Intel’s Cloud 2015 vision represents our view on the data center transformation underway being driven by the rapid growth in users, data, and services and in the range of connected devices across the globe. IT is already facing significant challenges around space, power, and costs, among others, and this growth of users, data, and devices is placing new requirements and demands on the data center. A new class of solutions is emerging to address the evolution of the data center. Intel’s vision is cloud computing that is federated, automated, and client-aware, and which is built using open, interoperable, multi-vendor solutions to truly realize cloud’s promise.

  • Federated: Communications, data, and services can move easily within and across cloud computing providers.
  • Automated: Cloud computing services and resources can be specified, located, and securely provisioned on demand and with zero human interaction.
  • Client-aware: Cloud computing services adapt seamlessly to the end user’s device regardless of the type of devices they are using.

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    A Paradigm Shift

  • Cloud computing is an important transition and a paradigm shift in IT services delivery—one that promises large gain in efficiency and flexibility at a time when demands on data centers are growing exponentially. The tools, building blocks, solutions, and best practices for cloud computing are evolving, and challenges to deploying cloud solutions need to be considered.
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