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Oracle On Demand

Intel Cloud 2015 Vision

    Lower, Predictable Cost

  • Pay for What You Use
  • Global Sourcing Model to Optimize Costs
  • Reduce Complexity, Avoid Capital Expense

Reduced Risk

  • Access to unmatched Oracle expertise
  • Proven Best Practices and Automation
  • Security, Auditing, Governance, Standards

Accelerated Business Value

  • Get Up and Running Faster
  • Run Most Current Software
  • Access Extended Value Add Services

Scalability and Choice

  • Choice of Deployment Models
  • Scalable, Proven Cloud Infrastructure
  • Integration Platform

Oracle On Demand Offers These Benefits

The Power of Oracle in the Cloud

  • World-class Oracle technology stack combined with Oracle's enterprise cloud delivery helps customers achieve operational excellence and business performance
  • Proactive, incremental change management, with patching and point releases included in core service, ensure customers are leveraging the full power of Oracle all the time
  • Flexible deployment model provides seamless integration of all cloud and on premise software and systems to support end-to-end business processes-no matter where customers run their IT

End-to-end Cloud Services

  • A complete set of services, from transition through run-and-maintain, to ensure customer success before, during, and after implementation
  • ISO 27000 certified security processes, automation, and a world-class organization provide protection over systems and sensitive data to ensure all security and regulatory requirements are met
  • Provides seamless integration of all cloud and on premise software and systems to support end to end business processes no matter where customers run their IT Achieve world-class service levels by leveraging ITIL based, audited processes and operational intelligence

Single Point of Accountability

  • Seamless access to over 20,000 Oracle resources ensures a single point of accountability
  • Oracle expertise and scale reduces risk and helps customers innovate and get to market faster
  • Strong financial foundation and performance drives leading industry position and long term relationships

Oracle Cloud Storage

  • Automatic Storage Management (ASM), a feature of Oracle Database, provides the database administrator with a simple storage management interface that is consistent across all server and storage platforms. As a vertically integrated file system and volume manager, purpose-built for Oracle database files, ASM provides the performance of direct async I/O with the easy management of a file system. ASM provides features that saves DBAs time and provides flexibility to manage a dynamic database environment with increased efficiency. ASM key benefits are:
    • Simplifies and automates storage management .
    • Increases storage utilization and agility.
    • Delivers predictable performance, availability and scalability .
  • The Oracle Cloud File System (CloudFS) provides unprecedented simplicity in storage management, automation in provisioning and storage consolidation for general purpose files. CloudFS is a storage cloud infrastructure with resource pooling, network accessibility, rapid elasticity and rapid provisioning that are key requirements for cloud computing environments. The product includes:

    Oracle ASM Dynamic Volume Manager (ADVM)

    ADVM provides a common volume management service and a standard device driver interface for system administrators to manage across different platforms. ACFS and 3rd party file systems can use ASM Dynamic Volumes to create and manage file systems leveraging all the power and functionality of ASM features. Therefore, an ADVM volume may be easily resized to adapt to the storage need of a file system without any downtime.

    Oracle ASM Cluster File System (ACFS)

    A general-purpose POSIX, X/OPEN and Windows compliant file system designed for single node and cluster configurations. ACFS is managed using native operating system commands, ASM asmcmd and the Oracle Enterprise Manager. ACFS supports advanced data services such as point-in-time copy snapshots, file system replication and tagging as well as file system security and encryption.

Oracle Cloud File System is designed to help organizations deploy their applications, databases, and storage in private clouds. It delivers a cloud infrastructure that provides network access, rapid elasticity and provisioning for pooled storage resources that are the key requirements for cloud computing. With Oracle Cloud File System customers can use Oracle Database features to manage application data stored outside of an Oracle Database.

Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System

Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System is an industry standard, general-purpose cluster file system for managing file data that is not stored in an Oracle Database. It offers integrated data services to protect file system data from human error, disk failure and disaster. Plus, security features offer fine grained access control and file encryption.

Automatic Storage Management Dynamic Volume Manage

Automatic Storage Management Dynamic Volume Manager provides volume management support for Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System and other third-party file systems. It leverages the power of Oracle Automatic Storage Management to create elastic storage environments with the ability to add or remove disks as data volumes increase or decrease. Automatic rebalancing and striping features eliminate hot spots and guarantee that Automatic Storage Management Dynamic Volume Manager volumes are always balanced for optimal performance and eliminates the need for third-party volume management software.