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Google Unified Communications

Unified communications is a voice communications in contrast of could platform. Google provides several APP engines, tools and technology which helps you to build up a power full Unified Communications.

Esnatech/Google UC Portfolio

Googleâ„¢ Gmail Unified Messaging

Integrates with any phone system to deliver voice and fax access from Gmail and Email over the phone.

Googleâ„¢ Talk Rich Phone Presence

Integrated phone presence with Googleâ„¢ Talk to see who is on/off the phone and initiate click-to-dial from your phone ext.

Knowledge Screen Pops

Desktop lookup using Googleâ„¢ Search based on incoming caller ID and name to provide adhoc call center functionality.

Googleâ„¢ Android PBX Integration

Integrated Android OS devices with existing phone system and PBX for station-to-station dialing and inbound/outbound calling of enterprise PBX.
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UC Web Services

Both desktop and web gadgets enable full dialing, presence and corporate phone search functionality from any OS or browser.

Googleâ„¢ Calendar

Integrated mobility—personal, shared and public calendars integrated with your phone, voice mail greetings and mobility settings for find me/follow me functionality.

Googleâ„¢ Fax Services

Googleâ„¢ Apps integrated fax services for fax messaging with Gmail and outbound faxing from Docs and Gmail.

Speech Access to Apps

Navigate Googleâ„¢ Contacts, Calendar and Gmail over the phone leveraging DTMF and speech commands for offline hands-free access to your Googleâ„¢ Apps account.