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Virtualization For PcsYou ask a lot of your IT systems.

Intel ® technologies enable hardware-based client virtualization for centralized image management and administration, secure network storage, client-side computation, and out-of-band protection beyond the firewall.¹ As a desktop virtualization endpoint solution, PCs with an Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor deliver smart security, cost-saving manageability, and intelligent performance.

Optimized for increased system utilization, the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family delivers a flexible foundation with hardware-based security and virtualization built in. Supporting next-generation management standards, these processors also offer KVM Remote Control—hardware-based keyboard video mouse (KVM) connectivity—so IT can remotely see what their users see, through all states, and beyond the firewall. ¹ ²

Portfolio of virtualization capabilities

See how Intel® Virtualization Technology delivers a hardware-assisted portfolio of capabilities to enhance virtualization, including optimized connectivity, robust performance, and reduced I/O bottlenecks.

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