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This is a genuine and ready to go "business in a box"

We will work with you to formulate your strategic planning and will deliver a fully customised design specific to your target market.

The site will be hosted on secure servers and be able to transact to your preferred Payment gateway.

Check the functionality now, go to PlayTennis Dating Portal

Standard Features:

User Features

  • Email notification
    Users are notified when they have matches or an email waiting.
  • Auto approve
    Automatically approves profiles without the administrator having to do it manually.
  • E-mail confirmation for new members
    The software will automatically send a welcome email to new members.
  • Instant memberships
    Ability to get instant access once members sign up. You do not have to do anything, as the software is designed to assign passwords and add profiles into the database.
  • Video Chat
    Offering Voice and Video Chat to paid members, will mean great incentive for non-paid members to upgrade their memberships.
  • Advice Questions and Answers
    for up to 10 different categories that you easily create in your Admin area. Gold Members can list their questions in whichever category they choose and you can easily answer from the Admin.
  • Profile Pending Approval
    The ability to approve user edited profiles and new registration profiles before they appear on the Dating Site. This feature can easily be turned on or off by you at any time.
  • Profile views
    Allows members to see how many times the profile has been viewed.
  • Most viewed profile
    The Program would automatically pick and then show the most popular viewed profile.
  • Membership status
    Members can see the membership status (Gold or Silver) of all members.
  • 2 levels dating memberships
    Gold (pay to join) and Silver (free to join)
  • "Our members" "contact us", "privacy", "terms of use" pages
    Users can easily find out who your members are, read your terms and policy or contact you.
  • Random quotes system
    The software is design to have a romantic and love quotes that change randomly.
  • "Last logged in" information
    Members can see when the last time members were online and this feature can be turned on or off by you.
  • Instant messaging (whisper)
    Members can instant message other members currently online while they are.
  • Photo upload
    Ability to upload up to 6 photos.
  • Password protected photo
    Ability to password protect your photo and give it to only those you choose to view your photo.
  • Voice/ Video upload
    Ability to upload voice or video clip.
  • Chat
    Up to 3 chat rooms for members to communicate.
  • Tell a friend
    Ability to send your site to friends.
  • Who's online
    Members can view the other members currently online. They can then view their profiles and instantly send and receive private messages at the same time.
  • Tease
    Allows members to send an automatic message to other members from a list of pre-written generic messages.
  • Hot list
    Allows members to create a list of members' profiles, which capture their interest and can be accessed/viewed/edited at any time.
  • Online/Offline user status
    Allows the user to click offline status button and the user will not be seen by others.
  • On-site private email boxes
    Private email addresses of members remain unseen. The site is designed with internal mailboxes that send notification to the member's primary email telling him/her that an email is waiting for him/her at the dating web site.
  • Total listing of members
    Ability to view a list of the totals of all members, men, women, silver members, gold members, users online, users that registered today, this week and this month.
  • Total members from a Country
    Ability to find the total of all members from a specific Country.
  • Newest members
    The Program would automatically show on the home page the most recent members.
  • Advanced search
    Ability to enter a lot of details when looking for someone specific in order to get exact results.
  • Basic search - Ability to do a basic search with limited criteria, such as age location and gender.
  • Automatic Matchmaking
    Matching members' criteria (age, sex, relationship type, hobbies, habits..etc), the software will automatically match members together and post all matches upon user sign in.
  • Search by user name
    Ability to do a search by typing the user name.
  • Search with photos only
    Ability search for members with photos only.


  • Advanced jobseeker search functions
  • Purchase employer plans via credit card
  • Purchase employer plans via invoice
  • Access jobseekers database
  • Advertise job vacancies instantly
  • Advertise job vacancies in bulk
  • Edit/Delete job vacancies
  • Upload company logo
  • Purchase jobseeker contact details
  • Save jobseeker CV's in CV Inbox
  • Hide contact details on job postings
  • Company logo displayed by job postings
  • Specify application rules for each job posting
  • Receive application alerts via email
  • View applicants CV's
  • Delete applicant Cv's
  • View applicant cover letters


  • Multiple administration accounts
  • Online statistics
  • Accept payments via PayPal,, and Invoice
  • Send jobs via email
  • Create articles
  • Advanced FAQ system
  • Multilingual system
  • Create multiple job categories with subcategories
  • Create countries with regions and cities
  • Specify working hours, contracts and experience levels
  • View/Edit/Delete jobseekers
  • Email individual jobseekers
  • View/Edit/Delete employers
  • Email individual employers
  • Upgrade/Downgrade employer accounts
  • Upload company logos
  • View jobs for each employer
  • Add/Edit jobs for each specific employer
  • Create employer plans
  • Advanced mailing system
  • Advanced content management system
  • Add unlimited pages of content
  • HTML template system
  • Customise the job board to meet your exact requirements