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Microsoft® WebsiteSpark™ is designed—in the same vein as Microsoft BizSpark™—to jumpstart business development for small professional Web development and design companies (referred to as ?Web Pros?) interested in adding proficiency on the Microsoft platform to their business credentials. The program helps Web Pros drive new business opportunities through increased visibility and connections with partners (including Web Hosters) and customers around the world; WebsiteSpark also provides Web Pros with Microsoft tools and hosting solutions, as well as support and training.

Enrollment process for Web Pros?

Several groups take part in the enrollment process:

  • Web Pros enroll in the program through the WebsiteSpark Web site :

    A valid approval code from a Microsoft Champ, Network Partner, or Hosting Partner is required for registration. Under normal circumstances, this approval code will be received in an automated e-mail message. If an approval code is not available, the company's Primary Contact1 can select a Hosting Partner and request a code by using the ?Find a Hosting Partner? tool on the WebsiteSpark Web site.

    • Once connected to, the Primary Contact should click on ?Find a Hosting Partner.?
    • Next, the Primary Contact applies desired filters:

      • Filter by Hosting Partners that support only the company's country/region
      • Broaden the search to include Hosting Partners that support the company's country/region and others
    • The Primary Contact selects a country/region from the drop-down list box. The system populates the page with Hosting Partners that satisfy the filter criteria.
    • If desired, the Primary Contact can refine the list by filtering state/province for the selected country/region.
    • The system sends notification about the company's pending approval to the selected Hosting Partner or Champ.

    Once an approval code is secured, the Primary Contact can complete the enrollment process. To do so, the Primary Contact first connects to the WebsiteSpark Web site at The enrollment process is quick and easy. The Primary Contact must be signed in to Windows Liveâ„¢ ID. If not, the system will prompt to do so.

    • Once connected to, the Primary Contact should review the eligibility requirements and check the appropriate box. When ready, the Primary Contact clicks ?Join WebsiteSpark? to continue the enrollment process.
    • The Primary Contact is prompted to review and accept the WebsiteSpark Web Pro Agreement and the WebsiteSpark Program License Terms. The acceptance of both agreements is required to continue the enrollment process.
    • Next, the Primary Contact enters information about the company and the individual completing the enrollment application.
    • The final step in the enrollment process is to enter an approval code provided by a Network Partner or a Champ if a Network Partner was not available. If a valid approval code is entered, the enrollment is complete and the company is approved in WebsiteSpark.
    • Once the enrollment process is complete and the company is approved, the company's Primary Contact will receive a "Welcome to the Microsoft WebsiteSpark Program" e-mail that includes next steps for getting started.
  • Network Partners nominate Web Pros for WebsiteSpark membership on behalf of Microsoft. Network Partners should have an existing relationship with these potential members.

  • Similar to Network Partners, Hosting Partners nominate Web Pros for WebsiteSpark membership. Hosting Partners can have an existing relationship with potential members, but this is not required. Hosting Partners also will be listed in a directory for those Web Pros who do not have a previous nomination. A designated contact for the Hosting Partner will receive a request for a nomination, and that contact will choose whether to grant the nomination.

    The target Hosting Partner is a managed Communications Sector Hoster with a focus on small and medium business customers. Each Hosting Partner must sign a Service Provider Licensing Agreement (SPLA) amendment that gives Web Pros enrolled in WebsiteSpark the right to provide hosting. Under WebsiteSpark, Hosting Partners incur no charges for the Microsoft licenses consumed by Web Pros. Hosting Partners must pass this cost savings to Web Pros in the form of a discounted hosting price.

How to Enlarge?

WebsiteSpark Offer Details

    • Extended reach to new customers via promotional offers to Web Pros
    • Enhanced customer retention through value-added services
    • Increased chance of attracting merchants
    • Streamlined residual income stream
    • Access to a broad range of information about products and services
    • Support for the business by extending hosting solutions from Microsoft
    • Provisioned sites and applications via a premium control panel from DotNetPanel
    • Effective control over the parameters of hosting Web sites and customers' billing information

WebsiteSpark Technology Resources

  • The MPN is the primary relationship management program for doing business with Microsoft and its products. The program provides sales and marketing assistance, expertise to improve competencies and innovation, and communities to enhance relationships and collaboration. For more information, visit

  • Whether you are looking to create your company's global Web presence, building applications for your small business, launching a new Web site, or just getting started on the Web, Microsoft has the9solutions for you—trusted by the Fortune 500 and used by millions of individuals. For more information, visit

  • Microsoft and the ASP.NET developer community provide many support options for various questions, each answered in a tutorial, video, or other resource and outlined in a step-by-step approach. For more information,visit

  • This resource provides detailed help via questions placed in communities and forums for various categories, such as general, security, publishing, configuration, setup, and migration. For more information, visit

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    • Full range of professional design tools and innovative technologies to help bring creativity to the world of HTML, CSS, AJAX, PHP, and Microsoft Silverlightâ„¢.
    • Built-in support for today's Web standards, sophisticated CSS-based layout and formatting, and integration with either ASP.NET or PHP.
    • Ability to publish the best media experiences on the Web for audio and video.
    • Reduced complexity and easier data integration by using powerful tools and task panes to design for ASP.NET, PHP, and XML.
    • Comprehensive development environment to help Web developers build standards-based Web applications and services.
    • The latest components of the Microsoft Web platform, including frameworks, a Web server, and a database.
    • Ability to expand audiences by making standards-based Web sites that are accessible from a range of browsers and devices.