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ValueCare is an Independent Consultant based out of India, offering a full spectrum of 360° Advisory Services in IT / ICT, Business, Finance, Infrastructure, and CSR, that provide affordable, efficient and end-to-end solutions for complex business challenges faced today with transformative, out-of-the-box, strategic, design thinking. Our journey began in 2010 as an Independent Software Vendor, System Integrator, Value Added Reseller and Vendor Agnostic Aggregator in Enterprise IT / ICT with focus on MSMEs. With our Vision:2020, we are foraying into emerging trends, disruptive technology, convergence & knowledge augmentation as an internal agile startup, 360° across varied industry domains & micro-verticals. As we reinvent ourselves, we expand our services beyond Consulting - into Governance, Program & Project Management, and Service Delivery, leveraging our team of Innovators and Subject Matter Experts.

IT / ICT Advisory

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  Practice Areas

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   Strategic Business Units

Consulting, Training and Solutions

Infrastructure, Virtualization and Cloud

 Knowledge and Innovation

 Digital Strategy and Marketing

 System and Application Integration

 Smart Geos and ICT4D

Skill Development and Enhancement

IT / OT Management Services and Support

 Data Centre and Data Operations

 Human Capital Resource Management

 Data Intelligence and Engineering

 Digital Recognition and Transformation

Convergence and Disruptive Innovations

 Enterprise Mobility

 Appliances - Smart, Intelligent, Mobile

 Segment and Domain Driven Solutions

Enterprise Audio / Video

Infrastructure Advisory

ValueCare Infrastructure Advisory provides for transforming space as-is into SMART space and includes the core functionalities of Infrastructure Advisory. Principles of Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) are used for Socio-economic development of the same, thereby connecting Citizens, Government and Relevant Civic bodies towards an interconnected world. Selection, Procurement, Makeover; Space & Workplace management; Implementation & operational advice on building and interlinking SMART / Intelligent Geos - Smart Cities, Villages, Living & Workspaces.

Financial Advisory

ValueCare Financial Advisory provides consulting and solutions towards Financial - Budgeting, Costing and Accounting including Taxation & Corporate Compliance on an Outsourced CFO business model i.e. CFO-as-a-Service. We also provide services towards raising funds including Angel Investment, Seed Fund, Venture Capital and Venture Debt; from both Government and Private Placements; our prime focus being Start-ups, Re-Startups and MSMEs both For Profit and Non-Profit business entities. Along with our Business Advisory, we provide in-house funding to our ‘Intrapreneur’ incubatees.

Business Advisory

ValueCare Business Advisory provides Business Research based on Industry, Project or Company; including consulting on Sales & Marketing, Best Practices & Standards and Enterprise Risk Management. We also provide advisory on Business growth - both organic and inorganic including M&A, especially for MSMEs. Intrapreneurship, is a novel endeavour where we internalize early and idea-stage start-ups to establish, prototype through MVP, sustain and grow within our organizational framework along with mentorship to start-ups and turn-around re-startups.

CSR Advisory

ValueCare CSR Advisory is a key portfolio we have with the purpose of deriving value and reputation to Corporates in terms of Social Responsibility, offering Project consultancy for Socially sustainable initiatives complete with Execution / Implementation through select NGOs, Fundraising & Management, Operations, Delivery and Staffing. Funding avenues includes government & non-government initiatives and Crowdfunding.